Am I Next?

Passion Project 001

Everyday this question is asked. But, do you truly want to know the answer?

Role(s): Writing/Directing/Producing

Team Members: Johnny Hammond

The Story of the Process!

94 = 26

Passion Project 002

They say millennials don't care about voting, here's why 94 second is 26 years worth of decisions.

Roles(s): Writer

Team: Key Higdon

Dream Create Conquer

Adidas Project 001

Kids need something to believe in.

Team: Combined Culture 

Role(s): Social Media Strategist / Writer

Story of the Process!

Culture is endless

Adidas Project 002

How can you connect sports and pop culture? 

Roles: Writer


Let's Rewind.

Passion Project 003

How did we get here? Why should you vote? Press Play.

Role(s): Writer / Strategy

Team: Combined Culture